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Regular Business Hours: Dr. Milligan treats patients Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in Fall River Mills, CA. by appointment

 Closed Monday and Thursday.

Chiropractors Shine in Pandemic

In 1918 Spanish flu Pandemic:

  • Medical Doctors lose 934 patients
  • Chiropractors lose 10 patients

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Fall River Mills Chiropractor,
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Could chiropractic care help you? Chiropractic offers natural relief of chronic pain, headaches, disc disorders and personal injury cases. Chiropractors help newborns, infants, teenagers, adults and seniors. And health-conscious Fall River Mills families choose Dr. Steve Milligan, Board Certified Chiropractic Atlas Orthogonalist.

Dr.Milligan, a Board Certified Chiropractic Atlas Orthogonalist, is one of very few specialized atlas chiropractors in the United States, and a teacher of the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, a science based approach.

Chiropractic is safe, simple and effective. But not all chiropractors are the same!

Can his unique approach to chiropractic help you? He has helped many Fall River Mills-area residents who went from chiropractor to chiropractor and finally found results in his office. Patients have traveled from all over the world to see Dr. Milligan, all seeking to receive his precision Atlas corrections.

Dr. Milligan treats patients Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in his Fall River Mills, CA office. Call today!

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Dr. Milligan will be honest and tell you if he can help or not. He listens to you. It is apparent he cares about his patients and wants them to feel the best they can. He explains how his adjustments work and help. His positive attitude an outlook on his life make me glad he is part of my health care and life.


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