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Meet Dr. Steve Milligan

Shasta chiropractor

Fall River Mills Chiropractor Dr. Steve Milligan



To serve my patients to regain their health and vitality. By practicing state of the art, scientific, gentle, cost-effective health care. To assist your body abilities to correct itself. “The power that made the body, heals the body”- by grand design.

Husband, Father, Grandfather


  • Practicing for over 2 decades. A teacher and one of the elite board-certified chiropractors in Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic in the world. (
  • Viet Nam & 7 Day War Veteran Serving Veterans thru the VA.
  • Firefighter, Paramedic, disaster rescue, veterinary medicine.
  • Rehab of endangered and wild animals.
  • Studied plants and herbs with my elders
  • Mexico City Earthquake, 1989 San Francisco Earthquake, EMS Pine Ridge
  • Indian Reservation, EMS Argentina.
  • Board of Directors WORLD OVER -Disaster rescue T.E.N.A. Native American Council
  • Edited Chiropractic Pediatric Text


  • Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
  • Life Chiropractic College West
  • Santa Cruz County, ROP
  • University of California Santa Cruz Cabrillo College- Aptos
  • US Navy
  • Skyline High School
  • B.C.A.O.
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Mobil Intensive Care Paramedic Pre-Med Studies
  • AS Science
  • 2nd Class Petty Officer

My Patients:

Chiropractic is one of the first healing sciences, helping the nervous system to heal the body mind and spirit. Patients have come from very long distances for our care. Our patients are very young to older. With many serious health challenges. Many conditions are helped by Chiropractic. (Conditions Helped) ( Patient Testimonials)